Metropolitan Bike Share System Concept
09 July 2020

The contract for the concept of the Metropolitan Bike Share System for the Upper Silesian-Zaglebie Metropolis was signed today. In March, we won the tender in consortium with DS Consulting, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the start of the project was delayed. In the project we provide technical advice with the support of Agnieszka Gajda from the Institute of Urban and Regional Development, Jakub Opoczyński, who co-developed the Mevo system and TRAKO.


The concept of a metropolitan bicycle is an important step preceding the decision to choose the final model for this system, unprecedented in scale and covering the entire Upper Silesian – Zagłębie Metropolis. We will start preparing the concept by analyzing local conditions, such as the distribution of jobs, education and recreation, the main traffic generators , as well as geographical and climatic conditions of the area. The design of the metropolitan bike share system will be determined by the possibility of integration with other public transport systems operating and designed within the Metropolis. We will use the experience of other Polish and European municipalities where bike share systems operate. We will carry out preliminary consultations with potential operators and service providers, which will allow adjusting the designed system to current market conditions and rapidly changing technological solutions. Financial analyzes taking into account costs and revenues related to both the implementation and maintenance of the cycling system will also be crucial for the success of the system. We will consider various business and organizational formulas for project implementation, including in particular the model of cooperation with a private partner in the PPP formula. We believe that good preparation of the system concept will significantly reduce the potential risks associated with its implementation and operation. The planned system is not only to be economically effective, but above all attractive, functional and comfortable to use for the residents of the Metropolis.


The concept will be ready in 4 months.