Public Spaces
Feasibility Studies
and Functional Programmes
Education and Research
The company focuses on the projects that:
  • in their scale, operate between urban and architectural realms
  • focus primarily on urban issues, dealing with urban fabric, its complexity and communities which inhabit and use it
  • involve actual implementation process, including project proposals and development
  • require creative problem solving through the comprehensive and holistic approaches
  • are based on cooperative work with all key stakeholders
Our work is guided by a number of principles:
  • We aim to understand the processes required to successfully solve urban challenges. If standard solutions are insufficient, we create new ones by blending academic and practical work (such as research and prototyping).
  • We place strong focus on early research and contact with all important stakeholders. It is crucial for us to understand user perspectives. That is why we engage with local community to identify its needs early and develop the solutions jointly.
  • We focus on delivering high quality solutions and supervise their implementation if possible.
Urban Design

We offer services in spatial planning and urban design, including preparation of masterplans and statutory documents. We prepare and lead public consultation events for these projects. Our expertise is based on the professional and academic experience of Lukasz Pancewicz. We offer support of qualified consultants and cooperating partners.

Urban Regeneration

We support preparation of the Community Regeneration Plans. Our expertise covers preparation of a diagnosis and identification of areas in crisis, work on integrated regeneration strategy and implementation of selected projects. Our experience is based on the cooperation with local governments in an early stage of the implementation of the Urban Regeneration Act 2016, pilot projects (Model Urban Regeneration) and collaboration with the Institute of Urban Development (IRM). In implementing regeneration projects we work in the multidisciplinary teams, including social and economic policies consultants.

Public Spaces

We work on public space projects. As designers we offer strategies for mprovement of public spaces, based on identification of user needs and implementation plans, early prototyping and testing, preparation or acquisition of the documentation and implementation. Our experience stems inter alia from the redevelopment of Długa and Długi Targ in Gdańsk as well as international design experience of Monika Arczyńska.

Feasibility Studies and Functional Programmes

We offer advice in programming and feasibility assessment of complex, strategic architectural projects of local, urban or regional importance. Our knowledge is based on the international experience of Monika Arczynska gained through her work on public buildings. We cooperate with chartered building surveyors.

Project Procurement and Technical Assistance at the Stage of Implementation

We take responsibility for our support and advice and, if it is possible, we remain by our Clients until the completion of implementation of our work. We also advise on methods of procurement of the projects and financing it through competition, tendering and others. At the implementation stage we provide necessary technical advice.

Education and Research

Our company is engaged in teaching and peer training of professionals in various stages of their careers. We utilize advanced teaching techniques (life studios, urban labs, mentoring, workshops) to train. Our university tutoring is blended with our practice – studios are often utilized as a ‘workbench’ for our current projects. We have worked as tutors at the international events such as ISOCARP Young Planning Professionals workshops in Moscow, Russia and Durban, South Africa and provided advice to events such as Mentor and Student Research Lab (MSRL) as well as national workshops (Architektour, OSSA).