Stare Polesie Regeneration Strategy, Lodz


‘Stare Polesie’ was a design studio run at Gdańsk University of Technology, which utilized the concept of action research. The aim of the studio was to prepare a comprehensive regeneration strategy for around 90 hectares of the inner district of Lodz. The project objective was to develop a new, prototypical approach to the issue of urban regeneration in advance of the municipal projects.


The experimental course was carried out in the formula of the ‘urban laboratory’, with a strong focus on the development of the architectural soft-skills – cooperation, team work and time management. The studio simulated the work on a real-life, multidisciplinary design process. After having visited Łódź and identifying the district’s main problems, the participants self-organized according to their competences and skills and formed the working teams. The topics covered included: quality of the open spaces, roads, social issues as well as urban marketing. The project was supervised by the coordination team, which collaborated with all teams and organized their work.


The product of their work was a comprehensive concept of regenerating the district with detailed proposals for urban quarters, streets and recommendations of the ‘soft, social and marketing projects. The results of the work were showcased at the exhibition in Prexer in Łódź and summarized in a report with recommendations that were presented to the Municipal Planning Office, which cooperated with the project team from the very beginning. The students also collaborated with the local activist groups (including ‘Społecznie Zaangażowani’ who run the bottom-up regeneration initiatives of the district) with whom they worked beyond the scope of the student project. Part of the project results: concept of the local community centre, elements of the visual identification, are in use till the present day.


The project was recognized by the local press. It has been presented many times as a model practice during the discussions on the architectural education and urban regeneration, as the concept which achieved high degree of integration between urban, architectural, economic and social factors.


The report is available here.


Project Team: Monika Arczyńska, Michał Bainka, Agata Bonisławska, Martyna Ceglińska, Agnieszka Chromiec, Magdalena Derdowska, Adrian Golab, Agnieszka Jeleniewska, Danuta Kiedrowska, Ewa Kozłowska, Mateusz Kozłowski, Justyna Król, Anna Królikowska, Katarzyna Kupczyk, Hanna Kurlovich, Małgorzata Machaj, Marta Marszałek, Paulina Maścianica, Ines Mouelhi, Olga Nowakowska, Łukasz Pancewicz, Natalia Podejko, Kinga Rzeplińska, Sarah Galhardo, Agnieszka Stobierska, Witali Suchan, Aleksandra Talko, Zofia Ulman, Alicja Walkusz, Małgorzata Werdon, Anna Wieczorkowska, Monika Wons, Przemysław Wróbel, Karolina Zarychta, Julita Żuk