Rogatka Bazaar
Urban design



The aim of the project is to restore the significance of the Rogatka Bazaar as a center of neighbourly life for the area around Kamionkowska and Mińska Streets. There will be a neighboring garden and corner for gastronomy, but above all, the former bazaar will become a meeting place in the heart of the district. Currently, this space functions only as a walking route between Grochowska and Mińska Street. Without knowing the area, it is difficult to guess which way the shortcut runs. We offer a fan-shaped extension of this straight section into a yellow wedge. The project will maintain as many existing elements of the area development as possible, mainly trees and paving. However, part of the existing paving would be removed, and the remaining part would be painted over to indicate the main entrances to the area. Historic pavement on Kamionkowska Street will be preserved. Eastern line of existing lanterns will be left in place, while the western ones will be moved to Bliska Street.


At the very center of the new development a wooden platform with a partial roofing will be placed – a symbolic ‘table’, inviting people to share and spend time together. The red-painted construction – in a traditional wood and steel color, close to the post-industrial Prague narrative – will be illuminated in the evening. Strategically located platform, serving as a stage, place to sit or just the place of a stop, connects all other zones, and thus residents of Kamionek and visitors. The entrance from the side of Grochowska Str. will lead through the gate with a neon sign. At the top there will be a terrace, which can be used either as a cafe or a place for workshops and classes.


The bazaar will consist of a temporary and fixed, all-year part, built of steel ‘jaws’ closing at night in illuminated, modular cubicles. Pavilions have a simple steel structure, with polycarbonate infill. A square field adjacent to Kamionkowska Str. will be developed as a recreation and gastronomy zone. There will be two-story catering pavilions, wooden terraces and a playground for children and adults.


The space of Rogatka is to be balanced and democratic in the ecological and socio-economic sense and is intended for users of all ages, with different status and wealth. Hence the idea of creating a common garden and the use of edible plants in the landscape for a double purpose – as a source of vegetables and fruits and decorations. The entire space will be subjected to ‘neighbour supervision’ from several directions at the same time.


[competition proposal – collaboration of A2P2 architecture & planning and Zieleniarium]