Civic Panel on climate change adaptation in Gdańsk
Design and design consultancy

September – December 2016

Łukasz Pancewicz took part in preparation and running of the first civic panel on climate change adaptation, in collaboration with Dr. Marcin Gerwin, Magdalena Haas, Agnieszka Kasprzyk-Mączyńska and Gdansk City Hall team. He worked on formulation of the detailed topics, selection and liaison with the experts and preparation of the meeting formula and also run the panels.


The aim of the panel was to discuss what the municipality could do to prepare for and minimize the results of the flash floods. The direct reason to discuss the topic was the flood of the 25th of June 2016, which caused significant damage in the district of Wrzeszcz. The task for the panelists was to prepare the recommendations to minimize the risk for the inhabitants, which would be binding for the Mayor or Gdansk.


Civic panel is a method of achieving a consensus and a joint decision in a matter in question by a group of residents. The participants are selected randomly according to selected criteria (age, sex, education, district) with the aim to create a representation of the population of the city. The decision is reached after a month-long deliberative process. The panelists learn basic knowledge on the topic, receive advice from the experts in field and listen to the statements of the different interest groups. The panellists discuss their findings and prepare their recommendations in a moderated discussion before the final decision is reached.