Publications and speeches

Civic Congress – Institute of the Research of Market Economy

2013, 2015, 2016

Łukasz Pancewicz was involved in preparation of the 7th and 8th Pomeranian Civic Congress as well as the 9th National Civic Congress as a member of the organizing committee, moderator and speaker. In his talks he discussed the issues of managing the common good, the role of the modernization of the cities and the urban regeneration.


Smart Metropolia 2016 – Vth International Metropolitan Congress

Łukasz Pancewicz was involved in planning and programming of the Fifth International Metropolitan Congress Smart Metropolia, together with Arturem Celiński and Dr. Tomasz Brodzicki. He was responsible for managing the planning track of the Congress covering such topics as crime prevention through environmental design (CTPED) and climate change adaptation. The invited speakers included Prof. Saskia Sassen, Nicolaas Beets, Dr. Daniela Glockner (OECD) , Henk Bouwman (METREX), Tobias Woldendorp (WoldendorpWildervank), Kacper Winiarczyk (CEO Uber Poland), Paweł Orłowski (Management of the Pomeranian Voiwodship) and Dr. Michał Beim (PKP SA).