Consultancy for the Museum
of the Princes Lubomirski
Design and design consultancy

Commissioned by SARP Wrocław, A2P2 prepared the competition brief for the the Museum of the Princes Lubomirski in Wrocław. The commission comprised workshops with the Client -The National Ossolinski Institute– as well as developing the programme of the new museum and expert advice during the jury meetings. Monika Arczyńska used her experience gained through designing museum buildings all over the world (including the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the Palestinian Museum, the National Center for Contemporary Arts in Moscow or refurbishment of the National Gallery in Dublin, all in collaboration with Heneghan Peng Architects) as well as developing the programme and expertises for NOMUS in Gdańsk – the New Museum of Art, branch of the National Museum.


Two-stage international competition  aimed to obtain a design concept that would both meet strict requirements associated with storage and conservation – including the artefacts from Lviv, Ukraine – and create an open, accessible space for the visitors, education activities and promoting the idea of the collection development. The programme had to be placed onto a small site in the center of Wrocław, right next to the Ossolineum building. Over a hundred entries were submitted in the first stage, while only six were selected for the second stage. The first prize was granted to WXCA from Warsaw, the second to Maciej Popławski Pracownia from Wrocław, and the third to Heinle, Wischer und Partners, also from Wrocław.

[Phot. Andrzej Solnica]