In a Search for a Missing Urban Quarter
Publications and speeches


The aim of the project ‘In a Search for a Missing Urban Quarter’ was to build a model of the missing part of the inner city quarter of Łódź, which was totally destroyed during Second World War. Today it is known as ‘Herring Park’. In cooperation with the museum of City of Łódź, Łukasz Pancewicz prepared the programme of the walks, open talks and interviews. The topics focused on the urban issues associated with the destruction and reconstruction of he city. The talks concentrated on the protection of the modernist heritage (meeting with Dr. Jacek Friedrich), shaping the inner city streets (Jan Friedberg), building the modern tenement houses (Zbigniew Maćków) or the city as a festive space (Natalia Cyrzan). One of the first walking tours through the heritage of interwar, modernist architecture was organized with Andrzej Owczarek form NOW Architects. The results of the project – interviews and transcripts of the open meetings – have been summarized in a book ‘In a search of a lost continuity of the city’.