Masterplan for the Imperial Shipyard

in Gdansk
Urban design

Consortium of Henning Larsen Architects, BBGK Architects and A2P2 architecture & planning developed a winning entry in an international urban design competition for the development of Gdansk Imperial Shipyard. The proposal was prepared for the owners of the 14 ha site, companies Revive and Alides (currently: Edonia Sp. z o.o.). The Imperial Shipyard occupies one of the prime, post-industrial development lands in Gdansk, with a direct access to the Martwa Wisla River. This future mixed-use district is situated in a close proximity to the historic quarters of the city – Old Town and Main Town. The site also holds unique complex of the 19th and 20th century industrial heritage with a number of historic buildings and artifacts (cranes, elements of the equipment) still preserved on site.


The design objective was to develop a coherent urban design masterplan, which would utilize the commercial potential of this unique site whilst helping to preserve its valuable industrial heritage. The initial design parameters were determined by the requirements of the Client and the municipal local area plan. One of the key competition tasks was to translate these into a detailed project, which will help to coordinate further development.


The winning entry balanced the requirements of protecting the heritage with creating new opportunities for development. The new district was planned as a complete, mixed-use neighbourhood with places to live and all necessary services. The consortium placed strong emphasis on providing diverse, livable urban spaces by reusing old basins, opening the waterfronts and providing a core street (ul. Narzedziowcow) with ground floor retail and services. A2P2 provided a detailed knowledge on the local context, planning limitations and opportunities to the core urban design team. We helped to develop the connections with existing urban fabric, the functional programme and develop the strategies of temporary use for the site. We also helped to define the heritage protection strategy. A2P2 collaborates with the Client and the design team on the delivery of the final project.



Edonia Sp. z o.o. (Revive and Alides)


Design team:

Henning Larsen, BBGK, A2P2