Museum of Contemporary Art in Gdansk
Design and design consultancy

2015 – ongoing

Commissioned by the National Museum in Gdańsk, A2P2 prepared a brief for the conversion of postindustrial buildings in Gdańsk Shipyard into the Contemporary Art Museum. The objective of the expertise was to analyse a possibility of the building’s adaptation, urban surrounding and the Museum’s impact on its development, education & exhibition centre’s programme including estimation of the optimal exhibition area, initial functional-utility program with an initial feasibility study and proposals of possible sources of funding (including EU and Norwegian grants). Rough construction cost was evaluated based on comparison with similar investments in postindustrial buildings in the region and in the entire country. The report was the main document defining the institution’s working guidelines and became a basis for funding applications.


A2P2 has also prepared and expertise explaining possibilities of conversion of a former school building in Gdańsk Shipyard (previously it was occupied by WYSPA Institute of Art) into a temporary seat of the Museum of Contemporary Art, before the adaptation of other buildings. The report comprised an initial concept of distributing various uses (exhibition, education, offices, artist residency spaces, workshops, cafe, library) including the project staging as well as a list of necessary and optional refurbishment and construction works.