Pilot Projects for Urban Regeneration
Design and design consultancy

December 2015 – ongoing

Since 2016 we have been cooperating with the local governments on the implementation of the regeneration programmes. We supported the implementation of the new 2016 Regeneration Ac, by working as consultants, training public officers and preparing the programmes.


New planning tools training for the municipalities

At the beginning of 2016 Lukasz Pancewicz run a series of trainings for public servants from the local governments participating in a Pilot Regeneration competition. The training focused on the use of the new planning tools such as Special Zone of Regeneration, Local Plans for Regeneration and other urban design tools such as masterplans.


Walbrzych Pilot Regeneration Programme

In the cooperation with the Institute for Urban Development Lukasz Pancewicz prepared the planning input into the Walbrzych pilot regeneration programme. The objective of the planning part of the project is to improve the quality of residential areas in the city. The advice focused on using the planning tools in supporting the urban regeneration of Wałbrzych. By using governmental funding the city will update its main strategic plan (Studium), prepare landscape and urban design concepts for the areas in the need of regeneration. These projects aim to help to shape the quality of the public spaces, indicate the rules for the building there and define the main rules for shaping and protecting the urban landscape.


Starachowice Community Regeneration Programme

Together with Projekty Miejskie – Andrzej Brzozowy, Rajmund Rys and Hanna Gill-Piatek – a2p2 took part in preparation Community Regeneration Programme for the city of Starachowice as planning consultants. We cooperated in setting up the goals and tasks of the project. Together with the City Architect we set the planning objectives of the project including improvements of the area in the region of Starachowice Dolne train station – the gateway to the city, improvement of the public spaces of Wierzbnik and linking of the existing services as well as refurbishment of the dilapidated open spaces of the worker settlement Osiedla Wzgórze.


Dąbrowa Górnicza – new planning tools training

a2p2 prepared the training and advice to Dabrowa Gornicza on the use of the new planning tools. The projects was run together with the team of advisors – Dr. Aleksandra Jadach-Sepiolo and Wojciech Klosowski. During the meetings with the local authorities we discussed the potential for the use of new tools such as Special Zone of Regeneration, Local Plans for Regeneration, analysis of the old and new procedures and implementation of the regeneration of the post-industrial areas (DEFUM, KWK Paryż). We also prepared the manuals on the new tools for the local authorities.


Commentary to the Regeneration Act

Łukasz Pancewicz contributed to the first interdisciplinary legal and practical commentary on the Regeneration Act, prepared jointly with the Metropolitan Institute in Gdansk under the guidance of Dr. Jakub Szlachetko. The book combines the elements of the legal commentary with the practical guide, describing the methods of implementation of the new tools. The contents of the guide were prepared by the interdisciplinary team of lawyers and specialists from the fields of management of the local government, geography, public participation or planning (including inter alia: Paweł Orłowski, Rajmund Ryś, Prof. Iwona Sagan, Dr. Maja Grabkowska)