Redevelopment of Długa Street and Długi Targ in Gdańsk


Our action-research studio at the Gdansk University of Technology focused on prototyping and testing the user-centric concepts. The project formed a part of the brief for the redevelopment of the main public space of the city. It was delivered in close collaboration with the city’s authorities.


The project included preparation of the comprehensive design guidance, as a part of the course run at the Faculty of Architecture Gdańsk University of Technology, in the collaboration with The Management of Roads and Greenery of the City of Gdańsk. The idea for the course came with a plan to refurbish this major public space of the city, which was deemed necessary due to poor condition of the paving and underground infrastructure. The potential to work on the realistic topic, which required the development of new solutions in a difficult setting of the historic heritage and a ‘main street’ context, required development of new design solutions and allowed us to deploy new techniques of teaching and work. The project was prepared by the international team of students from nine countries. As project leaders we used methods borrowing from the concepts of ‘urban laboratory’ (developed by the MIT DUSP) and Lean Startup (using early prototyping, prototype testing and user-analysis as the basis for the design). Based on our own methodology called ‘cooperative urban studio’, the students worked as one team, subdivided into smaller task groups dealing with architecture, urban design, heritage, social, public communications and coordination. Our aim was to stimulate cooperation, coordination and team work in a complex, realistic task by using non-standard analyses and solutions with input of the external consultants. The final report was forwarded to the architectural companies, which are going to bid for the tender for preparation of the actual project. It was also used in the official tendering documentation as an informational material.      

The report is available here.

Project Team: Alessandro Altamura Michele, Monika Arczyńska, Adrianna Bobrowska, Justyna Breś, Piotr Burzynski, Aurélien Daunay, Karolina Derlicka, Monika Gurazda, Mykhaylo Faydula, Julien Guerineau, Ilirjana Haxhiaj, Anna Jasieńska, Aleksandra Kuźniar, Lorenzo Lepre, Maciej Lis, Oksana Loi, Agata Marchwicka, Wiktoria Matecka, Rafał Murawski, Marta Myga, Łukasz Pancewicz, Patryk Paszkowski, Ola Petrecka, Lucia Petríková, Marek Piwoński, Oksana Popovtseva, Maria Ratasiewicz, Cristina Rodríguez Álvarez, Katarzyna Rogalska, Marek Rowiński, Alvaro Ruiz Lopez, Isa Tobar Salas, Zuzanna Skwarło, Aleksandra Urbańczyk, Agata Wippich, Sławomir Żbikowski