Market Square in Słupsk
Design and design consultancy

The market square in Słupsk is to become a public space for pedestrians and cyclists. Four historic wells, located in four corners of the square, they become a basis for the new composition of this urban space. Each of the wells will have its own character and role: 


POINT public drinking water fountain;

SPACE a shallow pond (with a few different levels) protecting from summer heat;

 LINE bubbling fountain protecting from the noise of Grodzka Street.


The concept works functionally and spatially with both the former cinema building and the urban block proposed in its place. A modular grid of the size and structure is inspired by the historic urban grid and facades of the historic buildings. The courtyard of the new block allows for different seasonal uses, remembered by the residents of Słupsk in this place: trade (market) and culture (open air cinema). Set back from the north leaves enough space for maintaining the existing linden trees and prevents from excessive overshadowing of the apartments.


Bus stops are proposed closer to the market square, at both sides of Grodzka Street. It will make transfers easier and will improve accessibility of the inner city. The are by the stops will be furnished with permanent seating. Car parking places for the residents and the visitors will be provided underground, below the new investment. On-street parking will be allowed only in the north, but even these plots may be replaced with restaurant gardens in the summer. Since it is impossible to modify the street network in order to minimise transit function of Grodzka Street, it was decided to separate it visually from the Square with trees and a linear fountain, introducing the sound of babbling water. It is also suggested to reduce the width of the street in order to improve pedestrians’ safety – one lane would be dedicated to parking.


Since a large part of the site belongs to the municipality, it is potentially possible to use tools allowing for larger impact of the public side on the character of the new building (ie. via public-private partnership). In exchange for the possibility to invest in commercial functions, private partner might be obliged to participate in the cost of on open courtyard, infrastructure and public spaces.


[competition proposal, collaboration of A2P2 architecture & planning and NANU Architektura]