Spatial Planning Manual


We have written a spatial planning manual for around fifty municipalities which form the Metropolitan Area Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot. Although the book is based on the current Planning and Development Act, 2003, the main aim was to show good practices rather than focus merely on the legislation. In the manual we described what the best current management practices in town planning are. We also explained practical meaning of the metropolitan cooperation and why it is beneficial to coordinate such actions. We defined the relation between planning and public finance and explained methods of planning reserves estimation. We identified key actors in planning as well as key elements of the specialized plans (transportation, infrastructure, regeneration). We also described the fundamental rules of running the public consultations. The manual describes the role of GIS. Most importantly, the manual was written in a simple, understandable language and with avoiding professional jargon.


Graphics: Kamila Piotrowska

Layout: Kinga Rzeplińska