‘Warsaw Neighbourhoods’ – FSO Zeran and Zeran Harbour, Warsaw
Design and design consultancy

A2P2 participated as a leading urban design expert in a pilot project initiated by the Architect of City of Warsaw and coordinated by beginning creative collaboration agency. The aim of the project was to prepare a joint vision for the large scale, strategic development areas in Warsaw. A2P2 and beginning agency developed an innovative workshop-based tool that would allow to create a neighbourhood-level development concept during a multiple-stakeholder negotiation process.


The strategic development sites had been selected by the Municipal planners with the idea to direct the urban development into the inner-city areas with good access to infrastructure. The sites were indicated as a part of the preparatory work for the update of the Study for the Development of Conditions and Directions of Spatial Development of Warsaw– a key planning document defining urban development of the city. Work on the project was also integrated with implementation of Warsaw housing strategy (Mieszkanie 2030).


The project started with the appointment of the beginning agency with the overall objective to prepare and coordinate the whole process. A2P2 was tasked to develop and moderate the three-party workshop that would engage residents, local land owners, developers and municipal employees in a joint vision building. Two post-industrial sites, with a total area of approx. 180 ha were selected – Zeran Harbour, an undeveloped river port, and FSO Zeran, former car manufacturing site. The proposed methodology comprised a series of discussion rounds including joint identification of issues, vision building and final negotiations on the ‘list of convergences and discrepancies’ and defining possible development visions. Physical models of the sites were used for indicating potential directions of development. Two workshops took part in March 2018 in Warsaw. The results of the workshop will help the municipal authorities to develop the ideas further – as a part of strategic documents or a detailed masterplan.


Client: Bureau of a City Architect and Spatial Planning, City of Warsaw

Design Team:

Coordination: beginning | creative collaboration agency

Leading urban design expert: Lukasz Pancewicz, PhD, A2P2

Design Expert: Lukasz Pancewicz, PhD, A2P2

Social research: Mikolaj Lewicki, PhD, Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw

Real estate consultant: Maximilian Mendel, PhD, REAS