Wileńska Street Redevelopment – competition entry
Design and design consultancy


The project included the proposals for the redevelopment of Wilenska Street, one of the major streets of Praga District, which is changing due to the urban regeneration projects. New space should allow for use by two important groups of users, the existing residents and the newcomers. The latter group is represented by the visitors to the district, who seek to explore the urban attractions as well as the employees of the businesses at Wilenska. In our project the street is not considered as the “urban parlour” or the formal boulevard but it becomes a new type of public, neighbourhood social space.


In this proposal we utilized, as one of the first teams in Poland, the use of the woonerf typology of the street, long before first projects of that sort had been delivered. The proposed solution combined the typology of public space with transportation needs. The space for vehicles was design to curve and slow down traffic. Proposed finishes included perforated stone plates to allow for the growth of greenery, including trees, and infiltration of the rainwater.


The project idea and the context of the district dictated the use of materials that are not associated with luxury, in order to limit the contrast between the street and adjoining housing as well as to provide the necessary hardening of the surface. In the proposal the use of materials such as: white concrete, concrete kerbstones and pavers. In order to strengthen of the local courtyards we proposed to develop the “red carpet paving” in a different colour to mark the connection between the tenements and the street and increase the feeling of responsibility for this space.


Design Team: Monika Arczyńska, Adam Baczewski, Łukasz Pancewicz