Workshops and Projects with ISOCARP Young Planning Professionals Moscow, YPP Durban, Mentor and Student Research Lab 2.0


Lukasz Pancewicz has participated as a tutor and coordinator in a number of workshop events organized by ISOCARP – the International Society of City and Regional Planners, including the Young Planning Professionals (YPP) initiative. YPP workshops aim to bring together international planners under 35 who come from different backgrounds to work together on real-life issues. The main aim of the event is to support mutual learning, respect and understanding achieved by collaboration.


YPP Moscow – 2014

Moscow workshop was a national event, which focused on the redevelopment concepts for the area of VDNKh (Выставка Достижений Народного Хозяйства). The participants worked together to develop alternative scenarios for the reuse of the area of former Soviet industrial exposition area, now under the management of the Moscow City Authorities. Three different strategies were developed and examined. The workshop results were presented during Moscow Urban Forum. The workshop was tutored together with Alex Antonov and Mario van Ljerop.


YPP Durban – 2016

The 25th Anniversary Durban workshop was an exceptional event in terms of scale. More than 70 international participants and 7 local coordinators worked on a range of topic including the questions on new models for housing policy in South Africa, indigenous planning, models of African smart city and planning for informal settlements. The event was coordinated together with Madina Junussova and Hangwelani Hope Magidimisha.


MSRL 2.0 – 2016

Mentor & Student Research Lab is a project initiated by Sławomir Ledwoń and Hanna Obracht-Prondzyńska. It matches internationally recognized tutors (mentors) with students in a joint work on a tailored research. Łukasz Pancewicz supported preparation of the second edition of the project, which focused on the solutions for the Baltic Cities.